Hold on to Your Company’s Cash

A Very Good Reason to Hold on to Your Company’s Cash

Anyone who owns a company in the United Kingdom today is well aware of all the risks and potential traps that are involved in business today. The largely euphoric and optimistic feeling that was in the air just a decade ago is largely gone and has been replaced by a sense of quiet apprehension about what comes next. And there’s good reason for that.

These economic times are indeed challenging. Many markets that existed just across the Channel have all but dried up, as the crisis in the European Community has ravaged the economies of Spain, Portugal and Italy, not to mention Greece.

Hold on to Your Company’s Cash

The one stalwart economy, Germany finds itself in a difficult position: turn its back on its fellow members in the European Union, or risk damaging its own economy by helping them out financially. Company cashing addition, the United States, which is still regarded as the largest economy in the world, is struggling to recover from the devastation that started in 2008.

Growth is anemic, and consumers seem to be hesitant to go further into debt by purchasing a lot of items. Thus, companies need to maintain a prudent course which allows for potential new growth, while keeping a lid on costs.

Those firms that are involved in the delivery and distribution of goods always face a challenge when considering their options for their fleet of vans, and other delivery vehicles. Most have discovered that leasing their vehicles is a far better option than buying, but they don’t often know where to start. The answer is actually far simpler than it might appear: click here for van leasing special offers.

One can find information from a wide variety of lease companies, covering just about every imaginable make and model of van, including information about the vehicles tax band, its MPG, and insurance group. With all this information readily available, any company can make an astute and informed decision. Business Survival Requires Smart Money Management Many companies have discovered the multiple advantages of leasing their fleet of vans as opposed to purchasing them.

It has become such a big business that in the United Kingdom there is actually an association which looks after the interests of the industry, which is commonly referred to as Business Contract Hire. The organization is known as the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, referred to commonly as the BVRLA.

They not only represent the interests of the companies that provide vans for lease, but also those of their customers as well. The group’s membership represents a fairly extensive section of the industry, with over 2 million leased vehicles covered in the Association’s membership. The BVRLA is also active on the political front, constantly trying to protect the interests of its members.

This is especially true in matters of taxation, such as the ability of VAT registered companies to claim back 50% of the VAT on the finance portion of their payments. These efforts by  BVRLA on behalf of its members allows the members to more accurately budget for their fleet expenditures, creating better efficiency and competitiveness. Leverage Is Strength These challenging times call for every company to exercise prudent cash management. Every company should learn all they can when considering leasing vans, click here for van leasing special offers.

Only then can informed decisions be made about what to lease. Author Bio – Chris Hale is a US-based lifestyle writer covering the latest advances in modern business habits, including vehicle leasing; click here for van leasing special offers. He writes on a freelance basis for many of the major lifestyle blogs.

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