Cold Seal Packaging and Coatings

About Cold Seal Packaging and Coatings

A reliable packaging technology is a requirement for almost all the industries, and when it comes to food packaging and medical packaging, it needs extreme care as any misses can create the total downfall of the business.

For offering consistent and quality service to the clients, various industries look for better packaging technologies which can address their needs. One such packaging technology that got great attention from food and medical industries is cold seal packaging and coating.

Cold Seal Packaging and Coatings

What is Cold Seal Packaging and Coating?

The technology combines natural rubber latex and synthetic emulsion along with polymers of high-performance sealing to give effective packaging solutions for various industries. The technology uses no heated packaging like other technologies.

It is highly useful due to food items or medical supplements perish when heat is used while packaging. It can be clearly noted while ice creams or chocolates need to be packed.

Both packaging and coating using cold seal technology enhances the product performance and operational efficiency of the food or medical manufacturer.

Benefits of Cold Seal

The cold seal packaging and the coating have some significant advantages over other forms of packaging. The coatings are a signal press-ready substance with any pattern registration without pigments or dyes. The entire packaging process is quick and hence no chance of foaming, ghosting or streaking.

The packing technology is designed to increase the profitability of the industries as it produces a maximum number of packages per hour over other methods. While giving significant output, it also shows less maintenance required.

The technology and products show less adhesive and better unwind release because of the anti-blocking system. In total, it gives consistent packaging with strong seals at a greater efficiency that removes any chances of waste being generated.

The packaging shows enormous cohesion and adhesion strength and provides fewer leakers comparing to other traditional packages. This gives the packages are air-tight and high moisture resistant which directly converts to the total shelf life of the product.

The cold seal packaging technologies are mainly three types, and it includes water-based adhesive solutions, rubber adhesive solutions, and synthetic rubber adhesive solutions.

Food Packaging

It is mostly done using rubber-based adhesive materials. The materials ensure high seal strengths and work perfectly on form-and-fill food packaging machines. It has options for various food products like baked goods, confectionery items, and frozen treats.

It should be noted that many of these packing need complex overwraps and varied forms of wraps depending upon the food item. The materials are also coming with special coatings that make it air tight and do not allow any moisture especially for coffee, granola bars, and cereal bars packaging.

Medical Packaging

Contrary to food packaging, medical packaging uses synthetic rubber and water-based adhesive solution. In medical packaging, the materials should be non-allergenic and should hold any rigidness of medical products.

It should also provide superior sealability and should have the ability to withstand for years considering the lifespan of various medical products. The materials also provide special sterilizable and non-sterilizable wraps for various medical devices

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