Corporate Recruiting Perks

Corporate Recruiting Perks

Companies from coast to coast are improving their recruiting tactics and benefit offerings in order to attract the best talent available. We have long heard about the amazing benefits and on-site amenities offered by the Silicon Valley companies to recruit high tech talent, however, even the once stodgy mid-west automotive and manufacturing companies are taking a cue from them as well. Companies realize that they need to increase their competitiveness in order to attract and retain the top talent. The cost of turnover is often much higher than the increased offerings, and human resource departments worldwide are finally realizing this. Below are some of the latest tactics employed by companies in the quest to attract the best workforce.

Corporate Recruiting Perks

Company Fitness Centers

One of the continuous goals that people have is focusing on weight loss each year. Companies have long offered to reimburse for fitness clubs and exercise equipment. However, now we are seeing them invest in fitness centers within the company headquarters and even individual plants and branches. We find ourselves working from morning until night, and if we want to see our families at the end of a long day, it often isn’t feasible to visit the gym. This is precisely why it is so important to have an on-site gym for your fitness needs. You can fit in a quick workout on a lunch break, or even in the morning before starting work.

On-Site Banking

While we see a lot of brick-and-mortar banks going the way of online banking, there are still many people that prefer to visit a branch in person. You constantly hear about “bankers” hours, as they are the typical 9 to 5 work day, which also happens to be the working hours of a majority of corporate employees. If you hope to do your banking during the week you either need to take a day off or leave the site during work hours. This is exactly why having a banking branch within the headquarters is such an attractive benefit to employees. It also helps the employer increase productivity as your employees no longer have to go off-site to run this additional errand.

Employee Meals

One of the largest monthly costs for any person is for their food! It seems hard to believe, but eating three healthy meals a day, in addition to various snacks, can really add up over a month. Employers recognize this and have been willing to provide all three meals on-site. This benefits the employer in several ways. They are able to keep the employee at work longer, they can also ensure they are eating healthier meals which in turn can lower healthcare costs, and employees love this benefit which aids in attracting and retaining them.

The days of employees choosing companies based only upon salaries, pensions, and stability is long gone.

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