How to Run a Successful Online Advertising Campaign

There is no denying that an online marketing campaign is a powerful tool which can provide businesses with broad product exposure. However, if launched and run incorrectly, they can also be a large waste of a precious marketing budget. To help you get started, below are three crucial points to consider.

Go All Out

One of the first mistakes made is to localize your campaign by limiting it to just one social media service. Just because your business only has a Twitter account, doesn’t mean that you should limit your campaign to Twitter. Before you launch your campaign, take the time to establish a full presence on each of the three top social media services; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Once your campaign is ready to go live, launch it simultaneously over all three networks to keep your message broad, consistent, and strong.

Avoid Blanket Sales

While many consumers will find a percentage off sale appealing, social media allows the possibility to broaden your offerings to appeal to a larger group of consumers. For example, the Groupon Coupons page for Eastbay offers coupons that range from percentage off offers for select brands to free shipping on select orders. Utilizing this type of tactic broadens your campaign appeal, and encourages customers to scroll through and see what other offers they can take advantage of.

Don’t Be Lazy

An online marketing campaign is not a ‘set and forget’ event. If your promotional posts and materials receive online feedback by way of comments or tweets, reply and interact with them. Many customers prefer to use these mediums instead of a traditional phone call, so if their comment or tweet goes unanswered, your offer goes unclicked. Keep in mind that this may require hiring additional staff on a temporary basis to manage these responses, so be sure to budget for this accordingly.

These are just three great ways to help ensure your online marketing campaign is a successful one. In addition to these, be sure to do your research and target your campaign accordingly. Online services like the ones mentioned above offer a large amount of user data for you to view and use to narrow your target audience, so take advantage of it.

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