Website Insurance

Know about the Options of Website Insurance

Insurance of life and vehicle is something known to all, but did you know that an insurance of your website is also possible? The use of the internet and website is a rampant practice of the present times. It is because the world cannot function without computers now. Hence, just like the protection of your life, house or vehicle is a necessity, the insurance of your website has become mandatory.

The property that is of most value is the one that is insured and since the website has become the means of earning and livelihood for all kinds of business owners, it needs to be insured too. Several kinds of security products are available in the market that help keep your website safe from any malicious attack of hackers. However, not all of them are genuine and you will find Sitelock Scam products flooding the market, but renowned and genuine name such as Sitelock products are worth trusting.

Website Insurance

The SiteLock Company has been in function since 2008 and since then has been providing top quality security services for more than 6 million companies all over the world. They have various areas of expertise of which DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall are to mention some. Their expert support that is available 24/7 is another great advantage for anyone seeking their opinion in the maintenance of their website.  The security engineers are available any time of the day and ever so ready to help with their vast expanse of knowledge and experience. They are also capable of assisting you with emergency malware removal.

There are several options for insurance of websites available of which some are mentioned below:

  1. SSL Certificate – this is insurance for protection of a website prior to being attacked by any malware. The SSL or Security Socket Layer is installed in the web server to encrypt all the data present so that nothing is lost during the transmission process. It also authenticates the owner of the website. The green bar often seen on the background of a website is the sign of this insurance and it certifies that the site you are viewing is a trusted and verified one.
  2. Cyber Insurance – this is the insurance of a website post an attack. The increase in cyber crime has led many companies to pay compensation to those being inflicted with the losses. A premium is collected all the year round just like any other insurance and the payout is made as soon as a heavy damage occurs to the website.

Both the insurances have their own advantages and disadvantages, but finally it is for you to decide which of the two is more comfortable for you to undertake. However, whether or not you have your website insured what is very important for you to carry on your business successfully online, is to have your website protected in every which way possible. For assistance in the protection of website from any kind of malicious attack, you need to take the advice of experts and use the Sitelock products which are absolutely trustworthy and extremely efficient. This can be vouched by the reputation the SiteLock Company has earned in the past 9 years of their service. Be cautious and stay away from Sitelock Scam products available in the market.

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