Lean Production

Lean Production: The History

History has seen a succession of events, men, wars and victories. Each historical moment is important because it has led us to be what we are today, and thanks to all the great events that man changes, evolves, changing his way of being and seeing the world.

Know the history that gave rise to this change is critical to understandingwhatisleanpruduction.
From the second half of the ‘900 that you began to see the first changes in thinking in the industry. Everything left Japan, particularly from Toyota Motor Corporation, founded in 1937. After World War II the deep crisis of those years pushed to a new industrial optics that would allow the reduction of costs in the face of a large increase in productivity.

Lean Production

Under the guidance of TaichiiOhnoitwas defined a new model of industrial production, which would allow to meet the need for flexibility in production while maintaining high business productivity. The rise of Toyota was possible thanks to the Toyota Production System (TPS), an innovative methodology focused on the continuing hunt for waste and the importance of the involvement of everyone in the company.

Thus was born the concept of Lean Production, a philosophy that completely changes the corporate point of view and moves by far the focus on the customer rather than on productivity.
The production conforms to the market by eliminating waste and streamlining processes to create more value in the eyes of the end customer.

The concept of Lean Production has continued to evolve and develop over time, and even today is the starting point for the best companies, as it constitutes one of the most efficient industrial solution.

For those wanting more thoroughly learn all the principles of lean production, we have found here an interesting site that helps to understand in a clear and complete way everything there is to know about this method of production.

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