New king phone

OnePlus 3 – The New King

This year has been full of releases, some magnificent smartphones released, but the most awaited phone was for sure the Oneplus 3 by a very popular brand OnePlus. OnePlus has always won the heart of peoples by its Un-Expensive and Hi-Tech Releases.

Launch Date

The launch date of the phone has been confirmed by Oneplus officially, and we can expect some other cool releases on the same day. One of them being the OnePlus 3: The Loop, it will be a VR headset that is expected to<strong> launch on 14th June with the OnePlus 3</strong>.

New king phone

The Specs

The specs of the phone have not been confirmed, as we can’t totally depend on the leaked information because more of the time it’s fake. We will get to know about the specs in the release event.

<a href=”” alt=”OnePlus Three – Fan Blog”>Read more about the phone at OnePlus Three Fan Blog</a>

Millions of OnePlus phones are sold every year, but this time, it’s expected to be much bigger, OnePlus Three is here. Finally, after waiting for over 2 year Oneplus finally is ready to release next generation smartphone that is OnePlus Three.

<a href=”” alt”OnePlus Three Specs”>OnePlus Three is expected to have a very beast configuration/specs. Recently Xiaomi also launched their new phone which didn’t go very well in the market because the phone didn’t match the expectations of customers but in this criterion OnePlus also impress the users, and that’s why it sells loads of Oneplus every year.

Just like Oneplus One changed the whole smartphone market, OnePlus said that they are ready to do it again but this time it’s going to be ever bigger.

Let’s come to the price; the phone will be sold at somewhere around $400, In this world when smartphones have got so expensive $400 is nothing for a so power smartphone. The phone will be available to buy from Amazon before 30 June

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