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Ram Chary Everi on What it Takes to be a Good Graphic Designer

Designers are born, they are not really made. This statement might strike you odd. However, this is the truth. If you are a designer by heart, meaning you would live to design things, you wear your designing instinct like a second skin. There will be signs which you need to identify if you are that designer who can turn a word into an expression. Ram Chary Everi is a talented graphic designer. He is a passionate designer who lives to design things. He knows that this instinct to design things comes from within. He claims that he has been a born designer. He says he has identified the signs of designing within himself. You too can do this. You too can find that designer within you if you want.

So, how would you find that designer within yourself? What are the signs you should look for? What would tell you that you are in fact a designer?

There are several such signs says Ram Chary Everi. From experience he knows that people who buy things for the mere reason of good packaging are in fact designers at heart.This is not unreasonable. This is a fact. Those who pick up things because the package has attracted their attention have hidden appreciation for package designs. They are drawn towards the designs that are carefully crafted. This is the singular reason why you should think about graphic design if you like packaging.

Each font type that people use comes with different personality. The font types say a lot about the text you are writing. It in fact says a lot about the user as well. Now, this is not something ordinary human beings without the designer’s instinct will be able to tell you. They are immune to the effect of fonts. However, the people with designer’s sense are not so lucky. They have the inner knowing that each font that they use say something. They know that each font has different personality. They are born with the knowledge. This is why if you think you know what the fonts are trying to tell you, there might be something inside you. There might be something which is propelling you towards being a graphic designer. Maybe you should give designing a try.

Colors play a significant role in the lives of the designers says Ram Chary Everi. Colors are the main players which make a designing come to life. A designer needs to know about color. However, it is not only knowing about color. It is about loving colors. It is about loving colors and trying to find out all about different shades and hues. This is a complete artistic instinct. This is not something everyday people will be interested about. If you know about different shades of different colors, you must think of giving designing career a try.

Designers who are born with the instinct for design, sees more in a logo than anyone else. They know what others don’t. They see what others cannot. They go to the depth which is unreachable to others.

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