Synthetic derivative of testosterone

Testosterone Can Be Produced Artificially

Steroids are artificial hormone that is manufactured in laboratories. Anabolic steroids affect on body functions in many ways. It helps to enhance ability to work out. Mostly athletes and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids with injections for increase their muscle mass, performance and physique. It is synthetic derivative of testosterone.

Human body also produces hormones and hormones can create anabolic-androgenic effects. Testosterone produces in tastes in male and ovaries in female. In females its quantity is very small. Synthetic derivative of testosterone are merely chemical modification of sex hormone of male, testosterone. This synthetic hormone is same as testosterone and triggers the growth of body tissues. Different types of steroids are made by the human body. Steroids are produced in the adrenal cortex. They have three functions-

  • Cortisol plays important role in maintaining carbohydrate stores in the body.
  • Aldosterone controls the excretion of potassium and reabsorption of sodium.
  • Estrogen, progestin and androgen are influencing secondary sexual characteristics.

Beginners have to take proper knowledge of steroid cycle then start the dose to avoid unwanted results. User can inject the steroid solution into the skin and wait for watching desired results. Intake of steroids are risky if lack of knowledge about steroids and its proper cycle. In this type of case use of steroids lead to various health problems.

Nowadays steroids are commonly used for the purpose of bodybuilding because steroids improving muscle mass and strength reduce body fat and enhance performance. Use of anabolic steroids is banned in many countries and cannot be used without prescription of doctor. It is illegal in United States. But bodybuilders purchase it from online.  There are so many risks in purchasing steroids online because there is no guarantee about quality and ingredients present in the solution. A vast majority of steroid users are seeking to gain muscles and burn body fat as it is easily available online.

Marketing of selling steroids are many ways. Through showing bodybuilders impressive pictures with strong, massive muscles and steroids selling websites are promising steroid results. They are also extremely beneficial in cure of many diseases. Steroids can fulfill many expectations in regard to physique. Always be aware that user get benefit, there is often a side effect. This is not a false statement that use of steroid gives many positive benefits under the supervision of medical representative. In some diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema or psoriasis and allergies steroids are very effective. Health status of individual, age, medical conditions as well as dosage and its frequency can have impact on steroids results whether it is positive or negative and create health problems.  Any kind of steroid have an especial effect on an individual it can vary from person to person. Overdose of this drug may injurious to health and should not take overdose. It is suggested to beginners that intake of steroid in small amount of doses and wait to result then raise the dose according to effects. User should consult a doctor if shown any undesirable result.

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