Beauty Behind Traffic Bollards

The Mechanics and Beauty Behind Traffic Bollards

The invention of the automobile has facilitated movement speeds of both people and goods.

Working Definition

Traffic bollards are table-size concrete poles used to prevent vehicles from invading pedestrian spaces. These are objects that originated from ancient shipyards since they were used to anchor boats and ships on an ocean’s coastline. Normally, the constituent concrete is embedded in metallic poles.

With concrete having the ability to cure over time, bollards can be durable. Traffic bollards are usually designed into different thicknesses. Thus, the thicker the bollard, the stronger it will be.

Beauty Behind Traffic Bollards

General Importance

In the modern world, roads are a necessity. This is because vehicles are essential in moving people and goods from one point to the other. However, there are people that decide to move by way of foot. To cater to their needs, pedestrian footpaths are constructed alongside highways and primary distributor roads.

To protect pedestrians from getting knocked down by oncoming cars, traffic bollards are setup. Thus bollards act as a physical barrier and have the ability to absorb pressure in instances where a vehicle veers off its original path.

Also, bollards & posts help drivers identify with a road’s edge, especially during the night. Painted in reflective colors, traffic bollards have the potential for guiding a visually impaired driver so that he can cruise safely during the night. As a result, unnecessary accidents are prevented.

Also, traffic bollards are used for security purposes. In national intelligence facilities, retractable bollards are installed at the entrances and exits of these facilities. These structures are meant to completely paralyze the movement of people that want to sabotage such facilities. As a result, national security is upheld.

Bollards are also used for decorative purposes. Installed in lines, they can create distinct patterns thus reducing on the monotony that characterizes a landscape. Since they can always be painted in different colors, they make their surroundings very attractive.

Moreover, bollards are components that can easily accommodate light fixtures. Being used along pedestrian sidewalks, they can be used as support systems for street light bulbs. In this way, the local authorities are not only able to improve the aesthetic appeal of their cities but also provide security for motorists and pedestrians alike. A lot of revenue is saved in the long run.

In residential and commercial neighborhoods, traffic bollards act as a calming element for motorists. As motorists approach these spaces, they feel the urge to reduce vehicular speed so that they might be able to accommodate pedestrian movement. These calming measures are essential in ensuring that people do not get unnecessarily knocked down by speeding vehicles.

Today’s society is characterized by people that have little or no regard for human life. This is one of the reasons as to why some people drink and drive. When a person is drunk, his ability to reason is limited.

If an individual ends up behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is more likely that an accident will happen. Traffic bollards help save the lives of drunk drivers since they often veer off the road. Being highly rigid structures, they can halt an automobile’s movement thus saving the lives of its occupants.

Closing Statement

Hence, traffic bollards are an essential component in modern society since they protect people and property from excess damage resulting from vehicular accidents. Since installing them is not so much costly, it is essential that they are set up in all cities and large towns across the globe.

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