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What To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

Though it is not the desired outcome, sometimes getting a divorce is the only answer to a troubled marriage. Many couples are often unsure of where to turn to sort out complicated issues, such as child custody and support. Hiring a divorce lawyer experience in this field is the perfect way to ensure that all your issues are handled properly. Here are some topics to cover with your attorney.

Property And Asset Settlement

One issue that you need to be ready to discuss is the separation of property and other assets that were acquired during the marriage. All assets purchased during the marriage, unless there is a prior agreement in writing, will need to be addressed during the divorce proceedings. When meeting with the attorney it is important to bring information regarding assets, both large and small, to the meeting. This includes vehicles titles, bank notes on vehicles and property, title to any property, along with any joint bills.  Having an experienced lawyer like Radley Family Law Firm can help guide you in what is best for you and your children.

Divorce Lawyer

Issues Regarding Children

Once of the most important aspects of a separation is the welfare of the children. This is a sensitive issue that you should be prepared to discuss with your divorce lawyer. A custody and visitation schedule will need to be made with the cooperation of the other party. This is also a good time to discuss a visitation agreement for any other family members that are involved in the child’s life. Other issues that will need to be discussed are child support, health insurance for the children, along with any other aspects of the separation.

Protection Of The Family

Some reasons for a divorce are more dire than others. Anyone who is seeking a separation due to physical or emotional abuse need to be ready to discuss this with their divorce lawyer. The attorney can help get the needed documentation to ensure that the abuse stops immediately. They can help parents get an order of protection and emergency custody to ensure the safety of the family.

Other Issues

In addition to child custody issues and asset disbursement, these professionals can assist with restoring a maiden name, any financial issues, along with the payment of joint debts. The team you choose can also handle any spousal support requests and handle with getting continued health insurance coverage.

Hiring an attorney will ensure that your divorce is properly handled. These professionals have years of experience handling family law cases. As such, they will work hard to draft a fair agreement that will be fair to all parties involved.

A Law Firm

The team knows about the difficulties that come with divorce. Rachel Radley has experience working at a family responsibility office, which has given her the experience to draft agreements that are fair to everyone involved. They will help their clients with every aspect of a divorce, including issues such as custody, child support, and protection of the children.

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